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Some Information 

Welcome to our Northern Ireland-based sporting society and caving club! We're a diverse group of individuals with a blend of skills, experience, and expertise, all bound together by our shared passion for caving.

Speleology is the art of venturing into the untamed beauty of caves, embracing the allure of mud, and advocating for conservation to preserve these hidden wonders for future generations. Our primary caving playground is located in the stunning landscapes of Fermanagh. However, we come together regularly to enhance our skills and ensure the practice of safe and responsible caving techniques.

Membership is open to cavers of all backgrounds. Whether you're a novice looking to try something new, an experienced caver seeking the challenge of more complex, harder, and possibly tighter caves, or anywhere in between, our club is the perfect place for you. We also extend an invitation to novice groups, offering them the opportunity to explore captivating caves led by experienced and certified cave leaders. These excursions promise incredible sights, a sense of accomplishment, and the joy of teamwork.

Join us on a journey into the heart of the Earth's hidden wonders, where adventure and conservation go hand in hand. Discover the thrill of caving with our vibrant community today!

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