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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At USSCC, we organize a thrilling main caving trip once a month, an some mid month with our primary caving grounds situated in the stunning regions of Fermanagh, Cavan, and Leitrim. Beyond our core locations, we also embark on adventures along the North Coast and throughout the rest of the Republic of Ireland.

We are committed to making caving accessible to everyone, and to that end, we strive to keep costs as low as possible. Our aim is to ensure that our club remains open and inviting to individuals from all walks of life.


Our Training Days

For those seeking to enhance their skills in vertical cave exploration, we meet on a bi-weekly basis for SRT (Single Rope Technique) Training. Our training sessions take place in various locations in and around Belfast and Fermanagh.

SRT training is a specialized form of rope access training that equips individuals with the knowledge and techniques needed to safely descend into and ascend from vertical cave systems. Our dedicated trainers are not only fully qualified but also highly experienced, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of instruction. Your safety is our top priority.

Are training extends to giving you the skills needed for any expect of caving.

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