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Welcome to USSCC


Who are we?

New to Northern Ireland is a sporting society and club dedicated to caving. We are a group of individuals with a mix of skills, experience and expertise.

The science of speleology involves exploring the wilds of caves and all its glory, all the while promoting conservation for the future. Our main hunting ground is Fermanagh. However, we meet on a regular basis in order to practice and improve safe caving techniques.

We offer membership to cavers of all backgrounds from beginners who are looking to try something new, to experienced cavers who wish to cave deeper, harder and longer. We also offer the chance for novice groups to go caving, taken by experienced and qualified cave leaders into challenging yet accessible cave systems which offer incredible sights. (For further information please complete your details along with your enquiry in the contact box below and we will get back in touch with you) 

What is caving?

Caving is a sport dedicated to the recreational exploration of known and unknown cave systems.

A typical caving trip can consist of crawling, climbing, swimming and abseiling within a varying size of chambers and passageways. This is dependent on and varies with the type of cave and its location.

Speleology is the science behind the caves, encompassing the formation, biology and ecosystems of caves. There is often an abundance of calcite formations such as stalactites and stalagmites. However, other caves have none. Very quickly you learn that caves can be wet or dry, clean or muddy, horizontal or vertical. The variety in the abundance of caves is astounding.


Why do we go caving?

We go to challenge ourselves, pushing our limits to see the incredible sights that anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can see. We explore, socialise and mainly, we cave because it is fun!

Some cavers are happy to visit caves they know and have visited before, however others enjoy exploration pushing further into systems that remain undiscovered.

Caving can become a lifelong hobby with cavers travelling worldwide in order to experience and enjoy unseen caves. Others strive to develop skills such as photography, cave digging, dye tracing, hydrology, cave diving, surviving hopefully and much more. 

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