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USSCC Club Constitution

USSCC Club Constitution

Effective Date: [01/11/23]

1. Name

The club shall be known as the Ulster Speleological Society & Caving Club, hereinafter referred to as USSCC. The club is based in Northern Ireland, with its administrative address at 42 Randalstown BT41 3BQ. However, membership is open to individuals throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland, Ireland, and beyond.

2. Objectives

The objectives of USSCC are outlined as follows:

  • To promote and facilitate the pursuit of caving and associated activities.

  • To provide a social platform for mutual assistance, support, and events, including slide shows, lectures, and talks.

  • To simplify caving for members by organizing meetings, reserving accommodations, and arranging shared transportation if needed.

  • To make caving accessible to all, regardless of background or financial standing.

  • To educate members on various aspects of caving, including survival, nutrition, first aid, conservation, caving codes of conduct, Single Rope Technique (SRT), and other best practices.

  • To improve caving for all and encourage youth participation in the Northern Ireland and Ireland area.

  • To engage in surveying, exploring new caves, addressing access issues, and other cave-related matters.

  • To establish a best practice training platform for the membership.

  • To operate and provide caving skills in a cross-community building scenario when feasible.

3. Liabilities

USSCC does not assume responsibility for participants in club activities, whether they are members, prospective members, or guests. Caving involves inherent risks of personal injury or death, and participants are expected to acknowledge and accept these risks, being accountable for their actions.

USSCC is committed to equality, and membership is open to all without discrimination based on protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010. The club complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), respecting members' privacy, with the Club's privacy notice outlining data usage, sharing practices, duration, and legal rights.

4. Membership

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to join the main caving club. Children must be accompanied by a parent at all times, and the parent is solely responsible for them.

  • Membership applications may be submitted online via the USSCC website or in writing to the membership officer.

  • Candidates may attend one meet/trip before Committee consideration.

  • Upon Committee acceptance, payment of the annual subscription grants full membership entitlements.

  • The Constitution is accessible on the USSCC website, and new members receive a copy or a link upon joining.

  • The Committee reserves the right to reject applications for reasonable grounds, which will be stated.

  • Membership termination by the Committee will be communicated in writing or recorded, with appeals subject to the chairperson or a vote decision.

  • Honorary members, proposed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), are exempt from membership fees, can vote at AGMs and EGMs, and attend meets and events.

5. Subscriptions

  • Annual subscriptions are determined at the AGM each year.

  • Proposed changes to subscriptions are included in the AGM agenda and communicated to members in the meeting notice and minutes.

  • Subscriptions are due upon membership acceptance and subsequently on the joining date of each following year.

  • Members with subscriptions more than three months in arrears are considered to have resigned from the club.

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