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USSCC Trip Nov 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

25th - 27th Nov 2022 - Pollnagossan Cave.

Colin, Chris, Liam, Ray, Andrew (WCC)

"After a loud Night" says Andrew ,We headed to JD's Café for a Cavers Breakfast off the great Ulster Fry!

And with Full stomachs, We left, Wee side trip to sports Direct for Liam (Which he ended not even going caving when we got to the cave tut tut...).

We arrived at the parking for a nice leisurely time of 10:30am start.

five became four and four became three.

Ray, Chris and Andrew got to the cave entrance after ten minutes routing around finding it.

Andrew says "The car wash wasn't as half bad has he had in is head"

Thou He found himself a little concerned about the state of the all bolts within this cave!

Once at the bottom of the waterfall chamber (Alive) we ditched the srt kits and set them up out of the road to the side.

Continuing across the muddy back passages and chambers, With a little fight not to lose a wellie or both in that fact!

A few awkward squeeze's later we found ourselves in a boulder chamber, an a wee squeeze to the top of mud bank with a drop, that was a little less appealing to go down.

It looked likely to have been washed away and undercutted. With just 3.5 hours exploring the cave and back out over broken glass at the entrance an short walk back to the cars.

An off to 9th Avenue for some Pizza. Andy saod "Very Tired, Hopefully Less Snoring tonight!

Great weekend"

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