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USSCC Trip Noone's Hole Oct Trip 2022

1st Oct 2022

Liam Chris & Ray

So the weather over the last couple of days hasn't been great so we weren't sure if we should go to Noons or not!

We decided to go take a look and check it out anyways, at the carpark we where met by a group from Breifne Caving club that where off to Arch Cave.

So we headed for Noons Hole and Ray Started rigging the 1st Pitch, The first thing we noted was the amount of water in the waterfall *Not Good* An off he disappeared into the mist not to be seen again, So here goes!

During the trip we seen loads of interesting objects and cool stuff, it was the cans that done it for me, they where or seemed to be turning back to rock, Nature reclaiming!

We made it to the Crawls, explored a little, before deciding we better get out of here!

On the way back up may have been the most challenging things ever! The Srt sections of Pitch 2 & 1 was just a torrent of water blasting down on top of us. But we had to get out and the only way out was up!

Ray was away ahead of the team by ages ,you had to keep moving in that amount of water On the way up Ray seemed to be looking up to much , not taking in enough air, which caused a few second faint (Passout) which give him a headache for weeks after. *still alive as you know!*

It was a awful ,miserable but fan fantastic experience all the same, But i feel we wont be trying that one again with a heavy flow of water.

Liam states he would like to thank Chris and Ray for supporting him when his PTSD started kicking in at the tighter parts of the cave.*Thanks Guys"

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