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USSCC Trip Lecknabroky Pot, Bruces Pot, Cats Hole 28th - 29th Jan 2022

First Cave of the day was Lecknabroky Pot, There was two completer freshers with us with very little rope skills, But i have to say they done brilliant, As usual Rays kids that was there on this cave, showed us all up on how fast and good they are on the ropes, Enjoyable wee cave for all there.

Second cave of the day was Bruce's Pot ,Entering at Bruces pot down the slope to the small pitch , worked our way up to the free climb, pushed up though the hole into a crawl which took us into the small cavern type place, with compass to our left and the rift to our right we went out to cliff above Monastir sink and descended.

Cats hole was on Sunday ,As Ray said its not wet only knee high lol "Lie's"

Very enjoyable cave with some sporty sections within, After the drop/Free climb down a squeeze leads to the deep canal of water over to the duck and stream passage.

Exploring while pushing on, Someone says don't touch the roof, An just as that was passed back there was a loud noise, Opp's James put his hand to the roof and a big ass boulder came down. After getting totally wet and cold we headed back for a nice warm coffee at the MAC.

Great Weekend in all.

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