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USSCC Shannon Trip to Swingers Corner & Boats

24th June 2023 - Sam ,Liam ,Ray & Dorthey

Late Arrival at the Hub on the Fri Night it was ! Settled in an gear packed for the shannon trip tomorrow.

8.30am awake and over to JD's for breakfast fit for a king or queen.

Arriving at the cave for 11.45am.

Ray rigged the cave for a Realisable abseil and safety line, With all down the pitch safe and sound we carried on down the letterbox squeeze at the start, though the crawl to the twin pots, Past the kitchen area over to rebirth , Ray heading backwards though this as it makes its easier getting out the other side or so he says.

Route finding was easy as Ray led the way, Knowing the first part of the cave like the back of his hand.

The group was moving slower than planned, but we did get to swingers corner ok, then started to travel back towards the exit.

Some more technical rigging than usual, got everyone up to the top safe and alive, After de-rigging, we all walked down to the cars and back to the Hub.


Kasia, Liam, Mark, Ray, Sarah, Berno

Assisted Handline used for the 1st freeclimb for who ever needed it, all down the chokes in good time, across the 1st lake,2nd and 3rd all with little problems.

The young members where getting a little cold after the small duck just before the 4th lake so Ray headed back with them.

While the others went on up to explore some more.

Just as Ray and the kids where out, The others returned to the choke.

all out, we head back to the cars to change.

Good weekend giving all!

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