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USSCC Feb Trip (Prods Pot,Pollasumera,Garrision Cave,Pollanrafta,Legland) 25th-27th Feb 2022

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Upon arriving at the Hub, we all trickled in at different times during the evening, settling in and claiming our beds. The fire was roaring, creating a cozy atmosphere. Later, we ventured into town to gather supplies for the weekend, grabbing a pizza before returning. With a few beers, music, and plenty of jokes, the evening was off to a great start.

The next morning, we gathered to discuss the day's plan and organized our gear. It was an early and sunny start, courtesy of Ray, who was out taking a pony for a peculiar walk – an amusing mystery! Breakfast was a delightful affair, featuring bacon sandwiches and a much-needed wake-up coffee.

Our caving adventure for the day was at Prods Pot, with participants including Chris, Alicia, Amie, Owen, Adam, Shani, and Ray (Peter and Colin opted for a leisurely walk – perhaps the tight pitches were too intimidating for them!). Alicia took on rigging duties, followed by Ray as requested, and Chris brought up the rear.

Things were going smoothly, and we were making excellent progress. However, it took a bit longer for everyone to maneuver past the boulder pitch near the end. Word came down the line that Chris had turned back. Ray, who had prior experience with the cave, retraced his steps to find Chris stuck between pitch 1 and pitch 2, looking like a sardine in a tin can – a comical sight! After a bit of effort, they were on the move again, and we successfully getting out of the cave.

Afterward, Chris and Ray ventured to Pollasumera Cave, only to discover that it was completely flooded to the roof with no way forward. So, we decided to enjoy some gorge walking along the river and waterfalls, a fun diversion. We then returned to witness the Prods Pot team emerging.

Back at the Hub, we freshened up, cleaned ourselves, and headed over to Chris's Mum's place to celebrate Chris's birthday with a delicious lunch and cake. It was an early night for all, considering the day's adventures.

On Sunday, the group consisted of Peter, Shanni, Abbi, Chris, Colin, Ray, Adam, Roanan, Alicia, Owen, and Amie. We parked near Noones Hole and, with the landowner's full permission, set off across Legland to explore every little doline and crevice along the way.

We had a close encounter with a bull on our way in, but luckily, no harm done. We also checked out Garrison Cave, a truly stunning little cave with the potential for a dig into Pollanrafta.

We spent some time exploring Pollanrafta before heading back to the cars. Back at the Hub, we cleaned all our gear and said our goodbyes, looking forward to the next adventure in March.


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1 Comment

Magdalena Oleszek
Magdalena Oleszek
Nov 04, 2023

Lovely read. Hope many more stories to come 😊

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