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USSC JULY 2022 TRIP (29th - 31st July)

Friday Evening Events

Most of the Group met up at Kenny's fish shop for some much needed dinner. Chips where lovely indeed, And deep fried Oreos????

of to Tesco for the Communal shop and loads of beers!

Headed to the Hub an settled in, where it wasn't to long before the drink was out of the Tesco bags, Don't know if that's a good mix with the deep fried horrendous Oreos.

Early start, some hung over, am awoke by Liam shaking the beds.

After breakfast and some coffees to awake, geared up and off to the caves it was!

Attendance was Ray ,Berno ,Sarah ,Mark ,Adam ,Tim ,Peter ,Ewan ,Jasmine ,Amie ,Brendan ,Liam.

Wrote by Jasmine (peruvian pot) - It was my 1st cave ever, had a wonderful time, I seen some wonderful Fossils along the way in the limestone, i enjoy the small vertical drop climb to a little crawl that opened up at the end. definitely do it again.

2nd cave of just a short way, was Aghinrawn cave, entered by a low level bedding plane where the stream sinks, made our way done the winding passages where to greatly got tighter and tighter , Ray and the girls descended the pot , but then decided that the pots where to advanced for group we had so came back up.So we all headed back up to the 1st skylight an exited the cave.

3rd cave was School House Cave

after walking back to the cars, dressed in black bag an drove a little closer to the car, parked up, where we saw Tim Millan an his kids an some of his mates heading over to Pollasilliagh cave, Off to school house asking permission of the farmer on the way up.

entered the cave exploring any wee inlet on the way, an out the wet sandy crawl at the Well, some went on to the wet pool chamber and some waited at the well.

With enough caving for the day,Headed back to the hub, the whiskey ended up being drunk and sore heads again in the morning for sure, some horseplay took place with airbeds being let down.

A little later start to caving on the Sunday, Sure no wonder!

Off to check out the rest of the wee caves around the Legg area it was.

Anvil cave, Carrickcoppan 1 & 2 ,Jelly pot and Legg cave all explored on the day.

Back to the cars where we where met by Colin, Over to the Hub for cleaning kit.

And that's it till the next time.

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