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Shoring up Freda's Hole Dig (17th & 14th Feb 2024)

"Break Though to new lower Passage with River"

14th Feb

Packing the car the night before with a ton of scaffold bars and clamps.

After dinner i headed up to the parking area, After gearing up i ended up having to do two runs with the bars, Then moved them all down to the dig in stages , putting them in a nice handy to reach place to save hopping up and down.

But before starting the shoring ,couldn't help notice a small lead to my left on the way in, so spend about half an hour here moving med sized boulders an building a wall with them.

Opening up a small passage way that haven't even stuck my head in yet "Much do it when i get back next time" !

Made ones way down to the dig, where quickly noticed that a small collapse had happened an made the break though that little smaller, not that it wasn't small to start with that was!

But this backs up the reason that this area of the dig does need shored up to make it safe.

Ended up doing 4 hours work this evening until i ran out of bar, Defiantly worth the work, looking better already.

After had to make the nasty muddy F***king crawl over to Pegleg to get some slings that id left over there the last time we where here. "Not a nice sight coming out of there" !

Went back on the evening of 17th Feb , Carrying another large load of bar down, started straight away , Shoring up back and sides an working my way down, trying not to loosing anything with my head being in there to tighten up the clamps on the bar.

Id reckon one more small load of bar and 10 clamps will to the job.

another 4 hours work here today, reckon another 4 hours shoring and some digging to get back into the lower level to explore it a little more an to survey it to some better grade.

After that headed over to pollasillagh and looked at lead i had found before, but the water levels where to high to even get in it.

So over to John Thomas Cave to look at the tight rift I've been push to above some roaring water sound, push till couldn't move a cm more, then turned back, Need to put on the thinking cap for this one, Be nice to get to where that water is, Could be connection for sure! But how? Maybe a way around , Maybe by some other method ? No space in there is the problem.

One for again.

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