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Shannon Camp Trip Wednesday 30th Nov 2022

Ray & Andy

Setting of from the car at 12.15pm ,Ray with very little sleep the night before, Excitement!

Then realised id forgot the kneepads *Great* .

Got to the cave at 12.45pm,Quickly rigged and at the bottom in ten Minutes, Stashed the srt kits on the rock, At swingers corner in little over a hour.

Up and over and down the other side, How is my wee legs gonna get back up that *worry about that on the way back now*

From here on was all new to both of us, as this was as far as I've been before, But never as quick!

Choke after choke we pushed forward and a bit of a wrong turn up unto a unstable sandy mud bank (a bit like the whole cave if I'm honest) Quickly corrected and back on tract, Climb the iffy rope ladder *where you wouldn't want to fall* though Staff dig and past George's choke, over an around deep pool along the way and into a Non active canyon passage where we took a break to see were about's in the cave we where! On the thought of turning back we realised we where only about 15mins of camp, So push on we did. we Arrived at camp in total around 6 Hours ,which i reckon could be got down to around 4 hours at least.

Dinner of bacon grill and noddle's it was, washed down with some nice whisky indeed. Boiling some water for the way back.

Spirts high because we at done it or maybe it was the whiskey?

We where making great process and fast speed back out. But in a moment of madness we ended up Mistake passage for 15-20mins.

This Mistake cost us dearly and we found ourselves getting exhausted.

Both throwing the bag at each other to carry because no one wanted to carry it.

But with each turn and every feature along the way we knew we where getting close to the pitch!

Looked up an said "Oh No" tired and wrecked it took us around 15mins each to get up the f**king thing.

Great trip, Not for the fainthearted.

Cannot wait to get back into it again.

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