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Pegleg and Fredas Hole Caves/Dig

Friday 22nd Dec 2023 (Mark & Ray)

We met up at the Hub, Geared up and went up to the mountain area.

Delivered Some of the Cave landowner's their Christmas Cards & presents.

Parked up for the caves, short dander down, Rigged Pegleg Pot with a ladder and line, and over into Freda's Hole, Descended on the handline.

Armed with a Crowbar, Trowel, sheet of tin and a few bars, worked our way down to the dig.

Moving a few bigger sized boulders "Hoping nothing else moves" to allow the sheet of tin to be placed behind the bar for any digging spoils. Need or may need second bar placed near top of the tin*

So with that done quick enough we decided to dig a bit, we made good progress until some larger boulders showed up, Down with the drill and feathers to spilt these up into small manageable bits to lift.

With the Dig heading down an slightly over to right as your looking up wards to freda's exit, Following the solid rock face, you can see though some large boulders down to a small drop to what looks like the river below. To keep going towards these may cause a collapse, So we continued the dig in a move straight down way hoping to reach a somewhat bedding plane to allow us to crawl under.

With the sound of the water increased "Hopes here is good"

So we decided to head over pegleg to cap of a edge of rock to allow us to fit more nicer into the 3m pot at the other side, Which this done , still doesn't allow enough space for normal sized cavers to access it, So on return trip a shaving in the middle may be needed to ease the squeeze. But as the other side head down 3m approx. , then a undercut bedding heading on.

Maybe get a day the other side of Christmas to finish this off.


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