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Freda,s Hole & Pegleg Pot Dig/s

Friday 29th Dec 2024 - (Liam,chris,Mags,Ray,Antonio,Nathaniel) Lukas staying at the Hub dying with flu. The rest of us not much better to be honest.

Meeting at the Hub at 10am, Geared up and ready for the day.

Parked up at the Ruins, Headed towards Freda's Hole, But Stopped along the way to check out Cats Hole in flood.

Then popped into Cats Pot for a quick though Trip.

On over to Freda's Hole ,Descended the 8m Handline into the Chamber below , We all got organized an started the dig.

Ray and Antonio rigged and went into Peg leg to Cap wider a passage leading to a small pot, After the first cap near taking Ray's eye out, An a few more blasts the passage was big enough to squeeze though to check it out, Ray popped in to take a look, it quickly narrowed into a 15cm tube with a faint sound of the river way down below somewhere.

Deciding that its a no go for here, we headed back over to the Freda's hole dig via the muddy tubes and frog pond.

Liam and mags headed back to cars to get cleaned up.

Ray and Chris continued to dig , while Nathaniel and Antonio took all the soils up above to the chamber.

Another half hour later reviled a slope , Nathaniel was able to slip down in, followed by Antonio an Ray, Down below is a small 15-20m Passage with a stream cascading though the boulder an dropping down a few metre pot to a lower streamway, blocked with boulders , More digging! The rest of the area here needs a good explore for other leads before the next dig starts.

But i must state the whole dig area is very unstable as yet an should not be entered.

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