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Freda's Hole Dig On 28th Dec 2022

Chris, Liam, Alicia, Ronan, Ray, James, Mary & James Junior

Met at The Hub, Brief chat then up to the cave it was.

Ray set up a makeshift tent above ground, the others started the dig.

Buckets and buckets an more buckets kept coming !

with a nice human chain it was going good, Some drilling and capping was done on the bigger boulders to move them.

All of a sudden a collapse at the dig happened, No one hurt the main thing. Just missing Chris's leg! But it had just filled in what we took out. Just before the collapse the diggers got a glimpse of the stream under the bedding plane.

So we called it a day at this for now, Headed over to Cats Hole for a explore around, Before hea\ding back to the hub to wash the gear and drink some Christmas cider that was made up.

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