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Co. Monaghan Caving Trip

December 30th 2022

Ray ,James ,Mary.

Both driving up to Co.Monaghan, Quick meet up, geared up and up to a house to ask permission from the land owner.

Main purpose of the trip was to find the caves.

But with being a caver of course you can't help but go in, We entered Aphuca first but giving the high water levels because of the rain lately our way on was stopped as the water was to deep. I stopped at neck deep water with only deep mud beneath the feet and loads of eels at that.

We explored some off passages before heading out and of towards Creevey Cave, We found entrance and the exit, but again the water levels was to high for this one.

Back to cars and over to Lugadaurris cave, After beating my way down to it, in normal clothes and just a helmet and light went down to near the exit, With plenty to explore here and report back for club trip.

Back to Carrickmacross for some food before heading home.

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