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Carrowmore Caverns - Sea Caves 31st March - 1st April 2023

Liam, Chris, Mark, Samantha, Ray

With a good start to the day landing at the parking area for the cave, opp's Sam forgot her helmet ,so it was a trip to the hardware store to buy some materials for a helmet.

After a little looking around for the entrance, quickly into the cave, Ray rigged and even rigged a pitch that there was no need to rigg, anyways onwards we went. All down safely with Liam knocking some rocks along the way.

Quickly found the way on, after pushing for a while it became apparent if was flooded after some way.

On the way out Chris Sam and Mark took a explore about into a un-surveyed section off the cave near the top, working there way down a boulder choke to a completely sumped out rift section where Chris tired to push an took a slip into it.

Liam and Ray headed back to van to get changed.

Followed half hour later by the rest. One for another day I suppose!

Margera Sea Caves

Colin, Sam, Mark, Liam, Chris, Ray, Charlene, Sarah, Berno.

Early wake up by Colin who landed down on Sun Morning (Sea Caves not really the Plan)

Long drive to the parking for the sea caves, We got there just before the tide was turning, Good days craic and fun was had , as Chris took a dive into some deep water , With all exploring high an low at all the sea caves around, Ray an Berno taking a last look into one of the bigger type caves just as the tide was roaring and coming in quickly.

"All in all" a good nice relaxing day of sea cave exploring had by all and car full of sand, stopping off to look a stunning water fall coming down the side of a mountain.

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