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Aug Trip (Gortmaconnel Pots & MAC)

Aug 24th - 25th 2023 (Liam, Chris, kasia, Mark)

Parked up as for prods an got all geared up, after the walk up and across the fields, we arrived at the pots, with little Gortmaconnel to the right and Gortmaconnel to the left.

Mark rigged under watch from ray for the first pitch.

From here the bolts aren't or don't seem the best from here onwards.

So to keep it speeded up Ray rigged on from here, The last Pitches weren't much better to be honest, but we made the most of what was there, after getting down we followed the stream way as far as it could be followed to a low bedding plane an a dig going into a tube to the left.

Little problem on the way back up which had to sorted out and a small haul system set up on the way up the last bigger pitch to help a tired caver out to the surface.

The rest of the group came out as normal. Though a good trip after all.

Sunday was a Try Caving Day into the marble arch where we had some new people wanting to try some caving for the 1st time.

(five new cavers in total)

We all made our way to Mexican Passage before heading back out.

Half the group headed up to upper cradle for a little explore and the others went into MAC for a coffee.

Thats us to the next trip!

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