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Anchor Installers Forum 2023

Atended By two Members ( Ray & Chris )

BCA Anchor Installers' Technical Forum Summary - October 14, 2023

On October 14, 2023, the CNCC hosted a technical forum, bringing together BCA regional anchor installers and other interested individuals.

Acknowledging the significant effort invested in the BCA anchor scheme, the forum aimed to:

  1. Share knowledge and experience.

  2. Foster relationships among installers.

  3. Exchange tips and tricks for installing anchors.

  4. Discuss various aspects of anchor installation and the surrounding 'frameworks.'

  5. Strengthen communication and collaboration between regional installers.

Fifteen cavers attended, representing CNCC, DCA, CCC, North Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

Topics covered included:

  • Route to becoming an anchor installer

  • Record-keeping

  • Reporting loose anchors

  • Reusing holes from pulled anchors

  • New placement permission requirements

  • Drawing rigging topos

  • Extracting anchors and patching holes

  • Rigging standards

  • Testing of anchors

  • BCA Anchor Coordinator role

  • BCA E&T Committee's integration into T&E working group; Relevance?

  • Drilled threads

  • Chain-linking anchors

  • Pull-through rings/anchors

  • Temporary anchor options

  • Fixed aids/hand-lines

  • Ground stakes

  • Insurance

Discussions were balanced between sitting-down sessions and practical activities, allowing for specific informal chats that proved valuable.

Johnny Latimer, involved in the IC anchor's development and production, provided insights. Installation demonstrations covered systems used by CNCC, DCA, and CCNC, with a focus on testing anchors and associated equipment.

The forum explored anchor removal options, including the CNCC's anchor-puller design. A session of 'experimental learning' provided entertainment and valuable insights.

The forum received excellent feedback, with a genuine desire for future events every 2-3 years. Positive action points emerged, promising continued progress in the field.

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