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2nd October 2022

Let's Look at what Ray reopened! PEGLEG

Ray, Chris, Colin, Liam

On Sunday morning, many of us were still feeling the effects of our Saturday adventure at Noone's Cascades. Our day began early, thanks to Colin, who decided to be our spontaneous alarm clock.

Ray, our resident cave digger, had uncovered an re dug a cave that had been hidden for years.

With the help of a ladder, he ventured in, leaving the rest of us curious about what he might find down there.

However, Ray had underestimated the size of the entrance he opened, and it became a solo expedition to Peg leg ,As they just weren't getting in!

Chris came to the rescue, moving a boulder to widen the access.

Ray may have had some reservations about the change, but it was a necessary adjustment Maybe?

Inside the cave, we went up the muddy connection to Freda's Hole, still blocked at the time. We could hear the distant sound of a river on our left, but it was nowhere in sight. So, naturally, we where thinking on a digging mission sometime.

After our underground endeavors, we headed to Upper Cradle to wash off the mud from the "not-so-pleasant" tunnel.

We did some more exploring and then emerged from the upper exit.

It was another fulfilling weekend of caving, and we're already looking forward to the next one.

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