USSCC New Members Trip March

6th Ballymena Boys Brigade

On Friday we had the pleasure of putting on a little talk and descent for our friends from the 6th Ballymena Boys Brigade. We all had a great time and look forward to seeing them all again in the future

USSCC & 204 Field Hospital (Belfast)

October 2019 brought the USSCC and 204 Field Hospital together once more for a fun weekend caving and socialising in sunny Fermanagh. It was a pleasure to get to know theses men and woman over this weekend and really hope we can do it again soon.

Shannon Pot overnight. OK so we lasted 11 hours
Expedition First Aid & Rescue
204 Field Hospital (Belfast)

August 2019 brought a fun, interesting and extremely beneficial course ran over a weekend. 3 Days (20hrs to be precise) and we all thankfully passed it. The course itself was delivered by 2 lovely and very knowledgeable Medics from the army medical services who taught us a variety of First Aid procedures, from stretchering injured persons to Resuscitation. At the end of the weekend we all were faced with a practical and written test, so we even had to try to fit in some revision time over the weekend. May we thank 204 Field Hospital for all their time, training, hospitality, expertise and even the odd laugh. ​

A Few Reviews

Sarah "It was really great, very informative and enjoyable"

Lina "Training objectives were clearly explained and achieved. A very good mixture of theoretical and practical training. The trainers used many ways in which to pass on their knowledge to us. They are nice and know a lot about practical applications. Highly recommended!"

Zak "Twas excellent. Very well organised, very informative, very good value for what you get, and most of all a great laugh."

Daniel "Incredibly informative and we'll organised"

Peter "Very good and informative."