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Days from 26th -28th July


Camp is £50 for the two night and there is a option of £10 club admin fee  £10 if not staying.


  • Accommodation

    Camping x2 nights


  • The Cave

    sea caves


Wet suit and life aids please for this trip 


  • Equipment you need to bring for caving


  • Synthetic Clothing

    For going down a cave we recommend that you wear a top and trousers made from synthetic materials. Try to avoid wearing cotton clothing, as synthetics will keep you warmer if they get wet – We advise not to wear jeans, as it will not be comfortable when they get wet etc. Make sure to bring a change of clothes for wearing on the surface and pack a couple of towels also.

    Synthetic clothing can be purchased from Sports Direct, Trespass, or Discover Outdoors (Scout Shop NI).


  • Wellington Boots

    The ideal caving footwear. They provide excellent grip and durability for clambering through a cave.

    Avoid a pair with steel toe caps as they are prone to giving cavers foot injuries.

    We recommend a cheap pair of Dunlop wellies from ScrewFix or Sports Direct.


  • Gloves

    Keep your hands warm and snug with a pair of these. Gloves with rubber palms will help you grip onto cave surfaces and keep your hands well protected.

    We recommend a cheap pair of builders gloves from ScrewFix 



  • Knee Pads

    Some cheap ones are available online and places like sports direct etc.. We really do recommend that you have a pair


  • Equipment we can let you borrow


  • Helmet and Lamp

    These are probably the most vital part of a cavers equipment, not only will it save you a multitude of Knocks and scrapes, it will help light your path whilst navigating through the cave system.


  • Caving Oversuit

    An overall layer of warmth and protection from rough surfaces and muddy crawl spaces. We have them in all sizes and they’re easy to slip in and out of.


  • Basic Srt Kit

  • Single Rope Techniques
    SRT refers to Single Rope Techniques. This is a method to allow you to both descend and ascend vertical pitches within caving using a single rope and specialist pieces of equipment as found in a personal SRT kit

North Coast Sea Caves Trip 26th - 28th July 2024

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