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Caving Hut Rules

  1. There shall be no loud noise ,Parting or horseplay after 23:00h to 07.30h.

  2. There is no fireworks allowed to be used that make a bang or too loud.

  3. There is no Pets allowed inside the building what so ever.

  4. All users of the hut is to clean up after their self's and as they go, leaving the place tidy for others to use.

  5. If you want to use the open fire/stove you have to provide your own wood/turf and leave clean then after.

  6. Heating is set 19oC an should not be tampered with. There is no other high powered items to be used in the Hut other than the huts own items.

  7. No dirty kit is allowed in the hut, and should be kept to the wash area and dry rooms.

  8. Wash area and dry room to be washed down and left clean after use.

  9. There is no credit when staying at the hut, Payment by website or on arrival at all times. There is no discount unless your a member or have so rights for a reduced fee.

  10. USSCC has the right to refuse entry to whoever on good grounds (The hut is classed as a safe and family space) and anyone in beach of this is not welcome by any means.

  11. No smoking within the building, Butts to placed in the ashtrays provided, No Drugs to used in or around the building at any times, This hut is a drug free zone.

  12. There is a charge of £2.50 for any day usage of the place by any one not staying over night, using parking or any part of the hut.

  13. There is a small fee for training section, Showers, Dry room and any other room that requires this, tokens or the right coin will operate these.

  14. If a family is staying with young kids they can use the leaders room or one whole room, they have option to let others stay in that room but at their own risk! Parents are solely in charge of there kids and liable for there actions alike, an to keep them under control at all times.

  15. If a club is using they must leave the place tidy by brushing, mopping and dishes etc... As the hut wont clean its self.

  16. Any item left in the hut will be kept for one month before being dumped or sold for donations towards running costs.

  17. Cavers get first choice of stay then after outdoors people or as and when agreed by the officers of the club.

  18. The hut is open to all groups wanting to hire the place or stay, under agreement by USSCC or Fermanagh Caving Hut poir.

Key for the hut is a fob and will be obtained from the key person.

(An email or message will be sent out on booking with a place to collect the fob)

The fob will be a £20 Deposit for Non Members & £10 for Members.

Long time Members will get their own fob at a cost of £10 per Members and if lost a fee may apply.

Members fob will have extra feature's of the kit store and other rooms.

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