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About Fermanagh Caving Hut

The Only Caver's Outdoor Bunkhouse in Fermanagh

The Hut Sleeps up to 30 ppl in total, Complete with Showers ,Kitchen ,Leaders Room, Lounge area, Dinning area, Toilets, Conference Room ,Dying room ,Wash area ,Library and Quiet area ,Entrance hall, Plenty of Parking & Camping area. Nothing More is needed for your stay in in Fermanagh for your Outdoor activities.


Our Story how the Hut came about

Once upon a time it was a dream to have a caving hut. The Hoo on the mountain closed down, But in the mean time Ray put some cavers up at The Hub for a while until a new hut was sourced.

We came across this place not so far away and close to caves, Pub ,shop and the village.

After chatting the owner talks started, some plans in place, we started looking funding ,an fund raising took place. Hard work and stubborn minds kept going and pushing and The Fermanagh Caving Hut was Born.

All the Paper Side

Fermanagh Caving Hut & USSCC Club Hut Constitution

Effective Date: [01/11/23]

1. Name

The club Hut shall be known as the Fermanagh Caving Hut and USSCC Club Hut.

The club is based in Northern Ireland at the address of Stragowna Primary School,Stragowna Road,Kinawley,Fermanagh,

BT92 4GD.

1a. The Hut will be run by a special committee within the USSCC for the sole purpose of the day to running of the hut.

The committee shall be of at least 5 ppl and hold a AGM every year and meet throughout the year.

The Committee will have officers of  Chairperson , Secretary , Treasurer , Groundskeeper , Bookings Officer & One other to run the affairs of the Hut .  

2. Objectives

The objectives of USSCC Caving Hut are outlined as follows:

To give all cavers and outdoors people cheapest and the best accommodation possible in the local area while visiting the area.

To provide a area for meetings , training and cave related for all clubs to use an to promote caving in the local area.

To Give Cavers a base to call home while their in the area.

To Keep the Hut Clean Tidy and maintained to a good standard. 

3. Liabilities

USSCC or Fermanagh Caving Hut Takes responsibility for participants in club activities.

whether they are members, prospective members, or guests.

Caving, Training Area an or any thing held or done on the grounds of the hut comes with risk or an involves inherent risks of personal injury or death, and participants are expected to acknowledge and accept these risks, being accountable for their actions.

USSCC and the Fermanagh Caving Hut is committed to equality, and membership is open to all without discrimination based on protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010.

The club complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), respecting members' privacy, with the Club's privacy notice outlining data usage, sharing practices, duration, and legal rights.

4. Membership

  • You can Join the USSCC and this will allow full access to club trips and the clubs members pages on the website, Also will allow you a reduced fee for staying at the hut and its training area alike and any Agreed huts in the UK alike.

  • Membership cost £40 with BCA and £27.50 without BCA.

  • Membership of a person misusing the Caving Hut can be cancelled at any time agreed by the running officers. 

5. Other

  • There shall be no loud noise ,Parting or horseplay after 23:00h to 07.30h.

  • There is no fireworks allowed to be used that make a bang or loud.

  • There is no Pets allowed inside the building what so ever.

  • All users of the hut is to clean up after there self's and as they go.

  • If you want to use the open fire/stove you have to provide your own wood/turf.

  • Heating is set 19oC an should not be tampered with.

  • No dirty kit is allowed in the hut.

  • There is no credit when staying at the hut.

  • USSCC has the right to refuse entry to whoever on good grounds (The hut is classed as a safe and family space)

  • No smoking within the building, No Drugs to used in or around the building.

  • There is a charge of £2.50 for any day usage of the place.

  • There is a small fee for training section, Showers, Dry room and any other room.

  • if a family is staying with young kids they can use the leaders room or one whole room, they have option to let another stay but at their own risk! Parents are solely in charge of there kids and liable for there actions alike, an keep them under control at all times.

  • If a club is using they must leave the place tidy by brushing, mopping and dishes etc...

  • Any item left in the hut will be kept for one month before being dumped or sold for donations towards running costs.

  • Cavers get first choice of stay then after outdoors people.

  • The hut is open to all groups wanting to hire the place or stay, under agreement by USSCC or Fermanagh Caving Hut poir.

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